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Important Notice

School uniform is only available through our suppliers Uniform Direct 2U via their FaceBook shop:  

You can also contact Uniform Direct 2U via email:

Thank you. 



The wearing of uniform by students contributes greatly to the general orderly atmosphere and discipline within the school.  At Ruskin we insist on high standards and students must have the correct uniform. 


Please find Uniform and PE Kit lists attached. 


Please remember:

  • Only plain small ear studs are allowed – one in each ear lobe.

  • Facial/body piercings, rings, necklaces and bracelets are not allowed.

  • Only hair colours which are natural are allowed (no bright reds or other vibrant colours, no dip dye).

  • No sculptured haircuts, including lines, marks or patterns, are allowed and hair length must be at least a Grade 2.  Also:

    • No shaved heads which expose a tiny amount of hair (eg Grade 1 all over)

    • No shaved heads with a mop of long hair on top (eg Grade 1 lower and long hair on top)

  • Students must not shave their eyebrows in any form.

  • Long hair must be tied back during practical lessons.

  • Make up must be subtle.  Excessive eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick or mascara is not allowed.

  • The wearing of all headgear is not allowed, unless it is of a religious nature.  In such cases it should be no longer than shoulder length, navy blue or black and understated.

  • The school has strict guidelines as to the length of the school skirt.  A student will receive 2 official warnings regarding the length being too short.  If the policy is not adhered to after these warnings the student will only be allowed to wear trousers for the rest of the academic year.

  • Please ensure all items are clearly marked with your child’s name.


School Equipment

Students need to be properly equipped with: pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, pair of compasses and a protractor.  Asking to borrow equipment from school is not good training for personal organisation.
Calculators are probably best purchased from school during the first half-term when the Maths Department has access to cheaper supplies.


We work very closely with local Businesses to ensure our Uniform standards are immaculate. Please view Wynsor Shoes "Back to School Catalogue, or more information can be found at Wynsors World of Shoes 

Finally, a reminder that the skirts are only available to purchase through the school, trousers may be sourced from external retailers providing they are school standard as mentioned in the uniform list. 

Uniforms Direct 2U order form