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Uniform is important to us at Ruskin. We want every student to gain professional employment in the future and a smart uniform instils this. Our uniform is exceptionally good value; we don’t expect our parents to pay high prices. The main items of uniform are obtained via the school.

PRICE INCREASE FROM APRIL 1ST 2019 - Please see attached letter from Uniforms Direct.

Uniform Policy (386kb, pdf)

Order form for charcoal skirts and trousers  (259kb, pdf)  - *Please note the offer of 1 item at £8 will end on 31st August*

Order form for all other uniform items

We work very closely with local Businesses to ensure our Uniform standards are immaculate. Please view Wynsor Shoes "Back to School Catalogue (750KB, PDF) or more information can be found at Wynsors World of Shoes 

Please remember:

  • Only plain ear studs are allowed – one in the lobe of each ear.

  • Facial/body piercings, rings, necklaces and bracelets are not allowed.

  • Only hair colours which are natural are allowed (no bright reds or other vibrant colours)

  • No sculptured haircuts, including patterns, are allowed and hair length must be at least a Grade 3.

  • Long hair must be tied back during practical lessons.

  • Make up must be subtle. Excessive eyeliner, eye shadow or mascara is not allowed.

The wearing of all headgear is not allowed, unless it is of a religious nature. In such cases it should be no longer than shoulder length, black and understated. 


As you are aware we are intoducing a change in the colour of skirts and trousers for the new September 2018 term. We have had a few queries about the look of these new items so have taken some photographs to show you.

All sizes and styles are listed on the "Order form for charcoal skirts and trousers" link above. The new uniform will come into effect from 1st September 2018 and orders can be submitted now by handing in the order form and payment to the school office.

Until 31st August 2018, the school is subsidising 1 item of the new uniform per student (this includes new intake), and you can order a pair of trousers or a skirt for £8. Any additional items, or orders after the 31st August will be full price.

Finally, a reminder that the skirts are only available to purchase through the school, trousers may be sourced from external retailers providing they are of a similar style to our examples. 

 Girls Charcoal Uniform (148KB, pdf)

Boys Charcoal Uniform (201KB, pdf)