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01/05/2020 HEADTEACHER LETTERS - please see Our News/Letters page: updated 20/11/2020
08/09/2020 The National School Breakfast Programme - please see Our News page
17/11/2020 YEAR 11 PARENTS' EVENING VIA TEAMS: 30 November



Our staff number 80 in total, including teaching and non-teaching support staff.

You can find a list of our Leadership Team, a full alphabetical list of all Teaching Staff with all their responsibilities, and a list of Support Staff grouped by function in the staff lists below.

The Year Achievement Manager roles are:- 

* Mrs Managh - Year 7 

* Miss Grinnell - Year 8 

* Miss Pownall - Year 9

* Mr Hartley - Year 10

* Mr Ledwards - Year 11

If a parent/carer wishes to contact a member of staff then please, feel free to ring the school reception or email:

( 01270 560514 


Teaching Staff List 

Support Staff List