Events At a Glance

15/11/2017 Y11 Mock Exams begin
17/11/2017 Children In Need Day
23/11/2017 Leavers Certificate Eve 6pm
06/12/2017 Bingo Event 6th Dec
07/12/2017 Y11 Parents Eve 4.30pm


Our Prefects

At Ruskin, we pride ourselves on our leadership skills. To promote this, and to give our students a real voice, we have student leadership opportunities.

In the lower school (Years 7 to 10) we encourage this leadership through:

  • Literacy leaders
  • Numeracy leaders
  • School Council
  • Eco Club
  • Sports Council

In Year 11, students can apply to be prefects or to be on our student senior team.

head boy and girl

This year our Year 11 students have been very keen to promote there own leadership skills and the school and we received many applications for the prefect positions available. 

Congratulations to Gabriele Jablonskaite Head Girl and Benjamin Woolley Head Boy 2017/18


2017 - Student Leaders

Our Head Girl is Gabriele Jablonskaite and our Head Boy is Benjamin Woolley

Senior Prefects:

Fidan Gecit, Sharna  Broadhurst, Beth malan, Jonathan Humphries and Olaf Zelazko


Liwia Kuznik, Georgie Mcgarry, Beth Cotton, Urszula Grabowska, Dagmara Kucharczyk,Gracjan Kubacki, Mateusz Pyclik, Jakub Stodolny, Tazmina Rahman, Hasiny Sinnaiya, Alicia Steel, Wiktoria Jurak, Jenny Farmer, Charlie Capper, Natalie Brown, Jennifer Luson and Marek Kovac