Events At a Glance

09/05/2018 GCSE Exams Begin
15/05/2018 Y7 Long reports to parents
16/05/2018 Y10/11 short reports to parents



General information/ introduction - Music is taught in a purpose built music suite comprising of a main classroom, a music ICT room and a practice room. The department is well equipped with musical instruments including, keyboards, glockenspiels, djembe drums, acoustic guitars, drum kits, electric guitars, bass guitars and pianos.
The Music ICT room has PC's with midi keyboards / audio interfaces, running CUBASE and Sibelius software.


Mrs Harrison

Mrs Abbott (woodwind tutor)
Mrs Smith (strings tutor)

KS3 - All students take music in KS3. The curriculum has a very practical focus and covers a wide range of musical styles through which students develop listening, performing and composing skills

KS4 - Students follow the OCR GCSE course

We offer instrument lessons on flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, cello, drum kit and keyboard.
- Jazz band
- Choirs
- Rock bands
Students are also encouraged to set up their own groups.

Several concerts are staged each year and pupils also perform in local primary schools and community events.

precussion image

Percussion group is on on a Thursday after school, 3.15pm – 4.15pm with LMT teacher Mark Landon.

Everyone is welcome.