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General information/ introduction - Music is taught in a purpose built music suite comprising of a main classroom, a music ICT room and a practice room. The department is well equipped with musical instruments including, keyboards, glockenspiels, djembe drums, acoustic guitars, drum kits, electric guitars, bass guitars and pianos.
The Music ICT room has PC's with midi keyboards / audio interfaces, running CUBASE and Sibelius software.


Mrs Harrison

Mr Taylor 

Mrs Abbott (woodwind tutor)
Mrs Smith (strings tutor)


KS3 - All students take music in KS3. The curriculum has a very practical focus and covers a wide range of music styles through which students develop listening, performing, and composing skills.

In year 7 students study:
The elements of music
Christmas Singing
Keyboard and pitch
Film Music

In year 8 students study:
African Music
Band Skills
Song writing


KS4 - Students follow the BTEC Level 2 First Award in Music course.

This course consists of two mandatory units:
Unit 1: The Music Industry - In this unit, students learn about the various job roles within the music industry and how they interact. Students will develop an understanding of how the music industry functions and gain insight into various careers within the music industry.

Unit 2: Managing a Music Product - In this unit, students must work together to set up and organise a Music Product, for which they are in charge of the Christmas Concert. Students are responsible for the advertisement and promotion of the concert as well as the organisation of the event. Students can set up a music video/ demo CD/ promotion website, to develop various skills.

Students will also choose two of the following units:

Unit 4: Introducing Music Composition - In this unit, students will develop their song-writing skills, as they have to create a variety of contrasting compositions to demonstrate their skills.

Unit 5: Introducing Music Performance - In this unit, students will develop their performing abilities, practicing and logging their skill development, focusing on technical ability, leading towards a final performance of two pieces.

Unit 7: Introducing Music Sequencing - In this unit, students will develop their ability to use musical software to input and edit music. Students will create a presentation to demonstrate their knowledge of sequencing, as well as creating a short composition making use of these skills.


We offer lessons on flute, clarinet, saxaphone, violin and cello. We also offer lessons through The Love Music Trust on guitar, drums, piano/keyboard and vocals.

We also have the following clubs:


Singing club

Rock Band

Students are also encouraged to book practice rooms for individual or group practice. There are several concerts each year that allow opportunities for studenst to perform within school and at community events involving other schools.