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Modern Foreign Languages

 At Ruskin we believe strongly that all students should have the opportunity to learn another language. French is taught to all students from year 7 and those in the top 2 sets also study Spanish from February half term inyear 7, continuing with both languages in year 8. We are keen for students to continue with one or two languages when taking their GCSE options as language skills are highly regarded by Colleges, Universities and Employers alike and can open up a range of opportunities for our students. Our students see the importance of learning in today's increasingly globalised world.


Mrs S Batho-Hughes - Curriculum Leader

Mrs F Brown 

Mrs L Bratherton 

At Key Stage 3, French and Spanish are taught through different topic areas. Each topic contains key grammatical structures and these two elements are assessed throughout the course using GCSE style questions and marks schemes in all skill areas. Students have the choice of opting for French, Spanish, both languages or neither language when they come to pick their options. Students who haven't studied  Spanish in year 7 & 8 are still able to choose Spanish as a GCSE option but must be fully prepared for the hard work taking on a language involves.

At key stage 4, students of French and Spanish at Ruskin follow the AQA syllabus leading to the GCSE examination. The course is based on three themes in which the students are assessesd in four skills: listening, speaking, reading & writing. This qualification is linear which means that students will sit all their exams at the end of the course. Students will be entered for either Foundation Tier (grades 1-5) or Higher Tier (grades 4-9)

The Themes are:


  • Identity and culture
  • Local, national, international and global areas of interest
  • Current and future study and employment 


We aim to run a week long residential trip to Chateau Beaumont, France each year but this is dependent on reaching the required number of students taking part. Our next trip will take place in July 2019.

Extra-Curricular (optional) - We offer revision/support sessions during lunchtimes on a Thursday.