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09/05/2018 GCSE Exams Begin
15/05/2018 Y7 Long reports to parents
16/05/2018 Y10/11 short reports to parents


Modern Foreign Languages

General information/ introduction - At Ruskin we believe strongly that all students should have the chance to learn a second/third language.  We teach both French and German and hold the view that learning a language is a skill that will be of added benefit in the workplace.  By the end of Year 11, our students are able to sustain a lengthy conversation with a native speaker and our subject has a strong emphasis on communication skills in general. 

Languages are very well-received at Ruskin.  Our students tend to opt for a language because they see the importance of learning another language in today's increasingly global world.

Mrs S Batho-Hughes - Curriculum Leader

Mrs F Brown 

Mrs J Bevis

Mrs L Bratherton 

At Key Stage 3, we teach French and German on a topic by topic basis. Each topic has key grammatical elements and these are built up throughout the course in preparation for GCSE.

At Key Stage 4, we teach French and German and follow the Edexcel specification.

Trips are optional - our next planned trip is to France in July 2018.

Extra Curricular (optional) - We offer revision sessions and MFL clinics during lunchtime on Thursday and after school on Thursdays until 4:30.