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29/04/2020 COVID-19 updates - please see Our News page: updated 16/10/2020
01/05/2020 HEADTEACHER LETTERS - please see Our News/Letters page: updated 19/10/2020
28/06/2020 School Cleaner Required - please see our vacancy page
08/09/2020 The National School Breakfast Programme - please see Our News page




Headteacher letter Year 11: Groupcall 1 parents only - 20/10/20

Headteacher letter Year 11: Groupcall 2 parents only - 20/10/20



Headteacher letter Years 7/8/9/10 only - 19/10/2020 


School Business Manager Letter re Face Masks & School Jumpers - 16/10/2020

Assistant Headteacher Letter re Year 8 Attendance & Microsoft Teams - 06/10/2020 


Headteacher Letter re Face Masks: whole school - 06/10/2020 


Headteacher Letter: Years 7/9/10/11 only - 05/10/2020

Headteacher Letter: Year 8 only - 05/10/2020


Headteacher Letter: whole school - 02/10/2020


NEW YEAR 11 FORM GROUPS - update from Mr Hartley (Year 11 Achievement Manager)


FURTHER GUIDANCE/INFORMATION REGARDING COVID-19 18/09/2020 - update from the Assistant Headteacher

FAQs Parental Guidance

Cheshire East Guidance Poster for Parents/Carers


IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING COVID-19 08/09/2020 - update from the Headteacher 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING FACE MASKS 27/08/2020 - guidance from the Headteacher 


Headteacher letter: whole school end of term/arrangements for September - 17/07/2020

Headteacher letter: new Year7 - 17/07/2020


Headteacher letter September return update - 10/07/2020 


Year 10 Mr Hartley letter re school work w/c 06/07/2020

Y10 TEAMS information & Timetable for w/c 06/07/2020


Year 11 Headteacher letter - 26/06/2020 


Year 10 Assistant Headteacher letter re TEAMS - 25/06/2020


Year 7/8/9 Headteacher letter - 19/06/2020 

Year 10 Headteacher letter - 19/06/2020 


Year 7/8/9/11 Headteacher letter - update 10/06/2020


1. Year 10 Headteacher letter - final update 10/06/2020

2. Year 10 Headteacher letter for information 05/06/2020 

3. Cheshire East letter update - 10/06/20

4. Joint statement from Cheshire & Merseyside Directors of Public Health


Year 10 Cheshire East letter update - 08/06/2020 

Year 10 Headteacher letter - second update 05/06/2020 

Year 10 Headteacher letter - update around prosposed plans for a phased return 01/06/2020

Class Charts update letter - 20/05/2020 

Cheshire East letter - phased return update 20/05/2020  

Headteacher letter - update 12/05/2020

Headteacher letter - update 01/05/2020  

Headteacher's letter - start of Summer term 20/04/2020

Headteacher's letter - wider exam guidance from OFQUAL 20/04/2020

Injections - NHS School Health Immunisation Team update during school closure April 2020

Headteacher's letter - arrangements for the next two weeks 20/03/2020 

Headteacher's letter - Coronavirus update 18/03/2020

Headteacher's letter - Coronavirus update 17/03/2020 

Headteacher's letter re change to Hair Policy 

Chair of Governors letter - Headship update February 2020

Headteacher's farewell letter Srping Term 2020

Headteacher's letter Autumn Term 2019  

Heads letter Summer 2019

Heads letter Autumn Term 2018 

End of term Autumn Term Dec 2018 

Below are Letters to Parents and Carers  (All our letters are in Portable Document Format (PDF).  

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Headteacher Summer End of Term Letter  (308 kb pdf)

Letter to Parents from the Headteacher regarding uniform changes for September 2018 (252kb pdf) - 13th June 2018

Year 11 Summer end of term letter to parents (45kb pdf) 

Headteacher Spring End of Term Letter (45kb) pdf 

Year 7 Spring End of Term Letter (45kb) pdf

Year 8 Spring End of Term Letter (45kb) pdf

Year 9 Spring End of Term Letter (45kb) pdf

Year 10 Spring End of Term Letter (45kb) pd

Year 11 Spring End of Term Letter (45kb) pdf 




 22nd December 2017 - End of Term Letter (250kb pdf)

12th September 2017 - Letter to parents regarding rugby initiative (347kb pdf) 

11th September 2017 - Letter to parents regarding unauthorised absence (144kb pdf) 

7th September 2017 - Letter to parent regarding the fire drill and security arrangements (232kb pdf) 

21st July 2017 - End of Summer Headteachers letter (241kb pdf) 

26th May 2017 - New times of school day from September 2017 (271kb pdf)  

29th March 2017 - End of Spring Headteachers letter (241kb pdf) 

21st March 2017 - Red Nose Day Events, letter to all parents (254kb pdf) 

17th March 2017 - Consultation letter to Parents on Proposed changes to timings of the school day (212kb pdf) 

17th March 2017 - Parent letter regarding the Multi Academy Trust (211kb pdf)

17th March 2017 - Parent Pamphlet on Multi Academy Trusts (216kb pdf)


10th March 2017 - Y11 Prom Letter (1mb pdf) 


16th September 2016 - Year 7 Stanley Head Letter (English) (225kb pdf)

16th September 2016 - Year 7 Stanley Head Letter (Polish) (187kb pdf) 


19th July 2016 - End of Summer Term Letter from the Headteacher (156kb pdf)

1st July 2016 - Strike Action Letter from the Headteacher (189kb pdf) 


Letter from the Headteacher February 2016 (216kb pdf) 


September 2015 onwards

Child Sexual Exploitation - Parent / Carer Awareness from Cheshire East Council and Cheshire Constabulary (309kb pdf)


Y10/Y11 Parents Support Meeting at South Cheshire College 13th Oct (299kb pdf) 


September 2014 - August 2015

Letter to Parents from the Head Teacher - July 2015 (231kb, pdf)

Letter to Y7 Parents - July 2015 (342kb, pdf)

Letter to Y8/9 Parents - July 2015 (181kb, pdf)

Letter to Y10 Parents - July 2015 (208kb, pdf)

Letter to Parents on Ofsted visit June 2015 (242KB, PDF) and A guide for Parents on School Inspections 2015 (182KB, PDF)

Headteacher Letter April 2015 (242KB, PDF) - Year Achievement Manager changes in May 2015

OFSTED Letter from the Head - March 2015 (297KB, PDF)

Year 11 work experience - November 2014 (254KB, PDF)

End of Term HT letter - October 2014 (223KB, PDF)

Chronicle Response HT letter - October 2014 (131KB, PDF)

September 2013 - August 2014

End of term HT letter - July 2014 (183KB, PDF)

End of term HT letter - April 2014 (95KB, PDF)

National Strike Action Letter March 2014 (114KB, PDF)

Parent Governor Election Letter (68KB, PDF)

End of term HT letter - December 2013 (203KB, PDF)

End of Term Date correction letter (219KB, PDF)

Headteacher letter 28th October 2013 - HMI Visit (68KB, PDF)

Headteacher autumn half term letter (324KB, PDF)

Headteacher Exam's Entrie's letters (301KB, PDF)

Ofsted Report Letters (239KB, PDF)

Headteacher New Year 7 parent letter (227KB, PDF)

Bus Transport from September 2013 (pdf, 265kb)

September 2012 - August 2013

Headteacher Letter end of term July 2013

Free School Meals 2013 (pdf,128kb)

Ofsted Inspection 17th & 18th July 2013 (pdf, 130kb)

Headteacher Letter (pdf 7kb) regarding the Arrangements for Thursday 27th June

Spring 2013 letter (pdf, 227KB)

Proposed new school time table for September 2013 (pdf, 89kb)

Uniform Letter April 2013 (pdf, 89kb)

Autumn Half-term 2012 Parent Letter (pdf, 87kb)

Academy Update letter to parents November 2012 (pdf, 48kb)

SEN Funding Update Letter (pdf, 169kb)