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19/09/2017 Open Morning 9-10.45am
20/09/2017 Open Mornng 9-10.45am
21/09/2017 Open Morning 9-10.45am
22/09/2017 Y7 Stanley Head Trip
18/10/2017 Y7 Form Tutor Eve


KS4 Results

Students at Ruskin made good progress in both English and Maths from KS2 start points.

* 75% of stduetns made 'expected progress' in English, with 30% making more than expected progress.

* 67% of students made 'expected progress' in Maths with 24% making more than expected progress.


Full details exam and assessment results can be found here on the Department for Education website on the performance tables

In summary the results are:-

Progress 8 score - 0.28

Attainment 8 score - 44.6

50% of students received a good pass in English and Maths

10% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate

92% of students continued in education or training