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01/05/2020 HEADTEACHER LETTERS - please see Our News/Letters page: updated 20/11/2020
08/09/2020 The National School Breakfast Programme - please see Our News page
17/11/2020 YEAR 11 PARENTS' EVENING VIA TEAMS: 30 November


Homework Timetable

We have a homework timetable in school which staff use to set homework for Year 7 through to Year 11. The timetables are a framework for staff to follow in setting homework; they are not rigid and inflexible schedules so from time to time days may change when homework is set. In some subject areas students may receive modular style homework around a theme while in others it will follow on from their class work. Students are given time and are expected to record homework in their planner describing what it is and when it is due for completion.

Homework is an important part of learning which helps build independence and widens knowledge. It also supports the work of the school. I have attached a copy of guidelines for students and parents to follow when completing homework and I am sure you will endorse this at home.



Homework policy (315kb pdf)
Homework guidance for students (68kb pdf)
Homework timetable (244kb pdf)