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17/11/2020 YEAR 11 PARENTS' EVENING VIA TEAMS: 30 November



"The best history doesn't just sit behind a glass case: it helps us to understand what's outside the case." Barack Obama. 

Year 7:

  • Historical Skills
  • The Norman Conquest

  • Medieval England 1066-1500

  • The Black Death

  • The Tudors and Queen Elizabeth l

  • Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War

Year 8:

  • The Industrial Revolution: Britain 1750-1900

  • Public Health and Cholera

  • The British Empire (potentially with a trip to Blists Hill Victorian Village)

  • Slavery in the Americas

  • The First and Second World Wars including The Holocaust


Year 9: AQA GCSE History, Paper 2: Shaping the Nation

  • Section B, Thematic Study: Health and the people- a history of health and medicine from c.1000 to the Modern day
  • Section B. Depth study: Elizabethan Era - the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 plus historic environment study 


Year 10: AQA GCSE History, Paper 1: Understanding the Modern World

  • Section A, Period Study: Germany 1890 - 1945, a study of Germany covering both World Wars, the Weimar period and the rise of Hitler.
  • Section A, Depth Study: Conflict and Tension, 1894 - 1918, an in-depth study of the causes, fighting and ending of the First World War.

Year 11: AQA GCSE History, whole course

  • November Mock Exam: Paper 2 (potentially with a revision day trip with David Starkey)
  • March Mock Exam; Paper 1 

  • Targeted revision and intervention of the whole course



Mrs S Whitefoot: Curriculum Leader Humanities - History/PSCHE/Citizenship Lead

Ms R Boyle: Teacher of History