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17/11/2020 YEAR 11 PARENTS' EVENING VIA TEAMS: 30 November


Our Governors

The role of the Governors is to provide a strategic view for the school, to ensure accountability and to be a critical friend.

The Governors set and agree frameworks within which the school operates. The Headteacher and other professionals manage the day-to-day running of the establishment and the Headteacher liaises regularly with Governors.

The Governors provide the Headteacher and staff with support, advice and information, drawing on members' knowledge and experience. In these ways, the Governors act in the role of critical friend.

The Governing Board has the responsibility of ensuring a high quality education at the school; therefore the Governors examine all proposals from the Headteacher.

The Governors are mindful that they answer to the parents and community for the school's overall performance. The Governing Body comprises of 14 members. There is a Chair of Governors (Mr J Rhodes) a Vice Chair (Mrs C Palin) and a team of supporting Governors who bring a variety of skills and knowledge. The Governing Board meets termly as a Full Governing Body and it also meets in smaller committees every term. The school Senior Management Team (SMT) attend these meetings and, at times, Governor Representatives attend SMT meetings. This gives transparency and mutual understanding in the strategic decision making process.  Governors are appointed by the Local Authority, FGB, school staff and parents.

Governance Statement

Most of the Governance takes place at committee level.  When the Full Governing Body convenes, it reviews the work of the committees.  It also reviews the reports provided by the Headteacher and it reveives verbal and written feedback from Governors with special responsibilities.

Key topics that have been discussed in the last 12 monthes include:

  • Curriculum

  • In Year Admissions

  • Data and data training for Governors

  • Exclusion and exclusion training for Governors

  • Terms of reference for all committees

  • The IDSR and DfE tables

  • Finance

The key focus areas for the coming academic year are:

  • Finance and the role of the Finance Manager

  • EAL migration and impact

  • Additional ICT investment

  • Student and staff wellbeing

  • High Prior Attainers

  • In Year Admissions and PAN




The Ruskin Governing Body currently has one Parent Governor vacancy. 

If any parent/carer is interested in becoming a Governor, for further information, please contact Su Garbutt (Clerk to Governors) at 




To help students, staff and parents understand how the school operates there are a range of policies which have been produced and approved by the Governors and Senior Leadership Team. Our policies are available to /download from the school website. 



Mr J Rhodes - Chair of Governors

Mrs C Palin - Vice Chair of Governors


Mr D Postlethwaite - Headteacher (Acting)


Mr C Griffin - Co-opted

Ms J Lewis - Co-opted

Mrs D McCumskey - Co-opted

Professor W Ollier - Co-opted

Mr J Park - Co-opted

Miss E Szymura - Co-opted


Mrs M Veitch - Co-opted 


Mrs P Minshall - Local Authority

Mr D Burrows - Parent


Mrs A Cross - Parent



Clerk to Governors:   Mrs S Garbutt, Cheshire East School Governance Team






Business Interests: nothing to report


Personal Interests


The following Governors have children/grandchildren at the school:


Mrs C Palin

Mr D Burrows 



The following Governors have a family member as a member of staff: None



Governors that are members of staff are:


Mr D Postlethwaite, Mrs D McCumskey, Miss E Szymura, Mrs M Veitch



Governors with no personal interests in the school are:


Mr C Griffin, Ms J Lewis, Mr J Park



Governors with roles in other educational establishments are: None




If you wish to contact a member of the governing body please call the school office on 01270 560514 who will be able to provide direct contact details.



Meeting Attendance

Autumn Term 2017 

Spring Term 2018

Summer Term 2018 

Academic Year 2018 / 19