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Geography instils in students a curiosity about the world around them. It teaches a range of skills to allow students to explore and develop a better understanding of the Earth; its people, environments and societies.  It challenges students to understand the relationships between people and the environment, embracing the complexities of understanding when tackling real world issues.

“Without geography you’re nowhere.”

KS3 Year 7

  • Introduction to Physical and human geography
  • Ecosystems

  • Weather and Climate

  • Map skills

  • Asia

  • Fieldwork skills

KS3 Year 8

  • The Geography of The United Kingdom
  • Extreme Environments

  • Tourism

  • Russia

  • Global Issues

  • Dynamic Earth

KS4 AQA Geography: GCSE students deepen their understanding of the world through studying the following topics: 

Paper 1 - Living with the Physical Environment

  • The Challenge of Natural Hazards
  • The Living World
  • Physical Landscapes in the UK (Coasts and Rivers)

Paper 2 - Challenges in the Human Environment

  • Urban Issues and Challenges
  • The Changing Economic World
  • The Challenge of Resource Management

Paper 3 – Geographical Application and Skills

  • Issue Evaluation – decision making exercise based on a current global issues.
  • Fieldwork - two compulsory field trips exploring a human and physical geographical enquiry.
  • Geographical Skills – developing and applying a range of geographical skills.