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Art and Design has the capabilities of stimulating student's creativity and imagination, offering experiences of the visual, tactile and sensory. The aim is to enable each student to use colour, form, shape, line, texture, pattern and composition linked with different materials, processes and ideas to communicate what they see, feel and think.

The Department aim:

  • To provide students with a positive, safe, exciting and visually stimulating learning environment within which they can produce and develop independent, creative work of a personal nature and make a positive contribution to the school community.

  • To provide students with the freedom to explore and develop ideas in a range of media, recording from first hand observation, experience and imagination.

  • To give students an insight into the world of Artists, Craftspeople and Designers from different social, economic, historic and cultural backgrounds; and allow students to make informed judgements regarding works of Art.

  • To raise the standard of students performance across Key stages 3 and 4 delivering challenging, relevant and stimulating Programmes of study, which build in opportunities for all students to enjoy and achieve within the subject setting their own targets and making good progress regardless of ability.

Mrs Hazlehurst

Miss Waters

Mrs Westerside-Downes 

Students in KS3 have 2 Art lessons a fortnight. In year 7 students focus on the themes Abstract Art and Day of the Dead. In year 8 students focus on the themes Natural Forms and Celebrity Identity. During these projects students explore a range of materials and techniques working towards a final piece. Homework is set regularly during all projects and can be accessed via ClassChart. To support students with homework students can always use materials or complete work in the art rooms at break and lunchtimes.


Students in KS4 have 5 lessons a fortnight. Students will complete the EDUQAS examination in Fine Art or Textiles. During the course students will refine their Art and Textiles skills learnt in KS3 to develop a portfolio of work for assessment which equates to 60% of the final grade at GCSE. The course is designed to provide engaging, challenging and meaningful learning experiences to allow students to explore their creativity to produce and present a series of personal pieces of art based on the assignment themes. Between January and April in Year 11 students will then independently work to complete their examination unit set by the exam board. This equates to 40% of the final GCSE grade.



The art rooms are open most lunchtimes and after school by arrangement for students to continue their classwork, to complete homework or develop their own art pieces. KS3 Art clubs run on a Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime in room 1.



April 2017 - Artwork of the Month - Well done to a very deserving Year 9 student for this fantastic colour drawing. Keep a look out for next work of the month. Mrs Hazlehurst


art april 




KS 3

Year 7 - Abstract Art / Hundertwasser House / Day of the Dead

Year 8 - Natural Form drawings / Gaudi relief Panel / Musical Instruments

Year 8 Music

Year 9 - Celebrity Identity / Zips and Fastenings

Year 9 identity

KS 4
Working with Words / Identity

KS3 & KS4 art work examples (PDF, xxx KB)